Back at it


I’m baaaaack!!!! To all 3 of my readers that used to read my blog before I went off the map and had to delete a lot of the posts good to have you back in the fold. Let’s see what goodness I have in store this time around.

First a little glimpse into the daily grind, Screenpush. We currently have a lot of good clients of all sizes but we are in the service based side of marketing and advertising. When I first came on board with SP the goal was to create licensable self service software, so we have deviated from that plan a bit in order to pay the bills. That being said the Livepush Platform is gaining some real headway towards finding an initial launch partner. We have found our hardware solution with a company which will provide us with weatherproof touchscreen consoles. The consoles are great for outdoor venues and given our potential first clients that was a crucial element we needed to vet out. Now we can check that off the need to find list, check.

Another SP licensable SAAS, which I’m very excited to be given the opportunity to go out and sell, is in the works. We have finally found the right partner to work with in order to build the best UI/UX possible. Once is complete I’m going on a road show. Don’t worry I’ll keep yall updated with what’s good with Stella and I on the road; I’ll post about all the grub spots I hit and everything.

Now that you’re caught up with my grind I’ll talk about the fun things in my life. My friend NK that is so fucking awesome by allowing me to enjoy the use of his Lakers season tickets for the past 5 years got upgraded to the 200’s this year. The seats are in the last row of the section which I love because when I get stressed out, which is often this year cause the Lakers aint of their usual pedigree, I can stand up with out anybody yelling for me to sit down from behind. There are 2 oldskool black guys that have had the seats next to ours for 15 years and they are so fun to talk to. The guy that has the seats a row bellow ours is a Giants fan and as a Pats fan, him and I constantly go back and forth. NK is a Giants guy so I’m sure he loves him.

As for me playing sports I have been getting out and playing more golf with my lawyer. The Roosevelt which is such a convenient 9 hole course has been good to me. On Monday I had 4 pars and 2 birds. If I could cut out the occasional double bogey holes I’d be a decent golfer. I can’t wait to go to Puerto Rico next week and hit a really nice course with PaDukes. He told me he shot a 82 the other day. Last time him and I played in Florida I shot a 88, my first score ever in the 80’s. Granted it was a really easy course I’ll take it!

I haven’t been playing nearly as much tennis or basketball and I would like. I need to get some new tennis shoes and a new racket since I broke one and I always need 2 nicely strung rackets before playing a match. Next time I get out there I plan on putting The Mighty in his place. He’s been real high on his tennis horse, with good reason, for a solid 3 years now.

As for basketball, now that Pointsettia has redone their courts it’s absurd that I haven’t been playing more often. The last time my lawyer and I went out we decided we we’re gonna play more often and that hasn’t happened at all. My Litvak buddy is always imploring me to get out on the court with him our schedules just never match.

I’m also training for Mud Run 2012. Stella and I jog from our pad to Runyon then hike the canyon at a very brisk pace till I get 2/3’s of the way up. I run the last 1/3 then jog home while waiting to exhale. The whole rout is 3.2 miles and I get’er done in about 45 min. I hope my teammates for the Mud Run are stepping up their workout game. We won’t be able to compete with any of the marines but I want our team to have a solid finish.

I’ll finish this up with a story from dinner at last night. Last night The General and I went out for some Thai food at a place near my crib. In the restaurant there was one couple eating dinner and an older lady eating next to the window. We sit down and I start leading The General down a path of telling me a story about his trip to Kansas to visit his son in Military school by asking questions. Now I know I have a loud voice, my dad who cant hear shit has no problem hearing me but we are sitting in a restaurant and I haven’t had anything to drink so I know I’m not speaking obscenely loud. The lady walks over to us 10 minutes into our story time and she asks me to be quite. I don’t engage in any back and forth I just say “sure no problem”. I continue asking The General questions about his trip and the old lady then calls over the server and starts complaining about me and causing an absolute scene. While she’s mid complaint I ask the couple sitting next to us if I’m too loud and they respond by say no and the old lady is crazy. So after 10 minutes of complaining she decides to leave, the server then comes over to offer her apologies. I say “no problem” then go on to ask her her name. “Poon” she replies.  “Come again” I say. “Spoon minus the S.” The General and I start laughing hysterically and she gets upset. “Why are you laughing at me?” The General and I then begin to explain that we have a friend that created a t-shirt line called Poon and it was funny for us to find somebody with that name. Needless to say I’m gonna go back and give her one of the shirts. I cant wait to get a picture of this cute young Thai girl in a Poon shirt which has a beaver caricature on it.


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