Puerto Rico with the Fam

So I write this from a jacuzzi on a balcony over looking the beach in Puerto Rico. This adventure began a few days ago in Miami where I went to a Radiohead concert with The Executive and his wife. The concert was amazing. The playlist included songs with high bpm, not a slow song in the bunch. The Executive loved the sound, his wife had to focus on the drums in order to enjoy the music, she considers their sound noise.

After 1 night in Miami it was off to Puerto Rico. I’m staying at the Gran Mella Resort located on Trump International golf course. I’m here for DW’s bday jambo and the first night is a welcome party.

DW’s daughter, Re is my sister. We grew up together in Boston and she lived at my house regularly. I see her and her husband V and their two kids Trist and Cay. The kids immediately jump on me and then want me to take them to play video games, I oblige. I stay with my sis’s fam all night and we have a great time.

The next day I hit the Trump International course early in the am with The Exec. They are setting up for the Puerto Rico open which will be played next week at this course. The course is magnificent.  It’s tough and you have to travel 1000 yards to get to some of the tee boxes but well worth it. Surprisingly only the 17th and 18th have water views. I shoot a score in the 90’s and no complaints with that.

That night were the Bday party festivities. The night started with an elaborate dinner which I helped my sis set up. By help I mean I stood there while she went ocd on the planners. She even had them take a chair away only to learn she forgot to count herself and took away her own place setting. The dinner was excellent but after dinner was when the fun really started. Two dancers showed up dressed in hardly anything and they were not only unbelievably beautiful but they could shake their money makers. I employed 8 year old Tryst to dance with the hot exotics and his response “I need to find my hat.” Once he found his hat he was out there dancin’ up a storm.

The music was fast and Latin influenced and was amazing. When the dancers stopped the DJ changed the style of music up. Everybody was trying to get Cay to dance and he wasn’t feeling it at all. He was being as shy as they get but once a little techno came on his whole demeanor changed. He became a dancing machine and stole the show. Nobody else was dancing because we were all so entertained watching him do his thang.

Once the party started winding down the after party began. One Dominican beauty that didn’t dance the entire party started getting down on the floor and I was very intrigued. She was getting low like a goddess and I was hooked.

I did the Joel thing and jumped in the pool. I didn’t get naked like I did at Re and Vic’s wedding years ago but ended up in the pool per the norm for me. Trist saw me in the pool and immediately followed suit. The servers working the party really wanted me to throw the hot Dominicana in the pool but her and I had a deal that if I didn’t throw her in we would go swimming privately later. Nobody knew the deal and I was getting killed for not throwing her in. Vic stepped up to the plate, grabbed her and jumped in so they both ended up in the pool.

That night ended with me sleeping in Re’s room cause her and her fam stayed in the villa where the party was. The Dominicana stayed in the room with I. I was a perfect gentlemen although I didn’t want to be and was not happy about it.

The plan for the next day was executed perfectly. The plan was S§to wake up late and have a beach day, check. Dominicana and I spent all day at the beach occasionally joined by Trist. I took him out in the ocean and tried to go far out because it was so shallow so far out. 50 yards out it was only 2 feet deep. The bottom of the ocean floor wasn’t sandy at all there was kelp everywhere and Trist didn’t like the squishy feeling under his feet.

Once Trist got sick of the beach I got Dominicana to join me in the water. As soon as we got in it started raining which was amazing. In Puerto Rico it rains daily but it hadn’t rained during the day since I had gotten there. The sun was still out, it was raining and we stayed in the warm ocean water, awesome.

After the beach I met up with Re and the fam and we all went out to dinner. Before dinner I was with Vic in the VIP lounge and he pointed out a man and told me that he was the mayor. Of course I went over and started engaging with him only to find out a day later he wasn’t the mayor but just the gm of the resort, oh well. Dinner was at a horse ranch and the food was exceptional. Trist and Cay went to sleep at the restaurant on a couple of chairs. They can sleep anywhere, they remind me of… me.

Once back from dinner I wanted to go back to the water. The Domincana and her friend were with me and we were having cocktails and just a generally fun time when I decided I needed a place to take this party. At whatever hour in the morning it was I went to the front desk and rented a room. What a fun way to end a very relaxing day.

The next day I had a golf date with The exec. The Dominicana was leaving that day so I said my good by and went golfing. Golf started slow the threesome in front of us were playing from the back tees and 1 of 3 of them hit the first drive more then 150 yards. After dribbling their shots down the hole the drink lady rolled by in her cart and they stopped to get drinks and what not. It’s the 1st hole, what are they thinking. Without any hesitation The Exec says let’s go to the next hole. So we hop in our cart and move on to the next hole. We play the 2nd and get to  4some ahead of them. The 3rd is a par 3 and they let us play through them while they are on the green. After we get past them we are flying. We finish the rest of the course in 3 hours and after had a burger in the clubhouse.

When I get back to the resort I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dominicana changed her flight, was still around, kept her room and that is how I ended up where I am writing this from a jacuzzi on a balcony over looking the beach in Puerto Rico.


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