David Pulman: Children’s Health Advocate

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Dr. David Pulman is well known in the international business and pharmaceutical communities for his role as President of Global Manufacturing and Supply at GlaxoSmithKline plc. Dr. David Pulman GSK role has seen him taking responsibility for global manufacturing and supply chain networking among other things.


GlaxoSmithKline is a British multinational pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines, and consumer healthcare company that maintains its headquarters in London. It was established in 2001 through the merger of Glaxo Wellcome plc and SmithKline Beecham plc. GSK employs 97,000 people worldwide.

Children’s Health Fund

Outside of his work with GSK, Dr. Pulman has taken a very active involvement with the Children’s Health Fund (CHF); a non-profit organization that was founded in 1987 by musician Paul Simon and pediatrician/advocate Dr. Irwin Redlener.

The Children’s Health Fund is a charity organization that received a top rating from Charity Watch, a prominent independent watchdog organization that evaluates charities and issues ratings to help donors make more informed decisions regarding the causes and charities they choose to donate to.

“We partner with (CHF) because they’re so effective at delivering value to underserved children who don’t have access to healthcare,” explained Dr. Pulman. “You have to give every child the potential to fulfill its true potential.”

David Pulman Honored at CHF 25th Anniversary Benefit

In October of 2012, David Pulman was on-hand for the CHF’s 25th Anniversary Benefit show at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Performers on the bill that night included the likes of Paul Simon, Sting, Steve Martin, Stevie Wonder, Amy Grant, James Taylor, Tom Hanks, and Tina Fey. Others, like Morgan Freeman and Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton, appeared via recorded messages that expressed
their support and admiration for the CHF.

Dr. David Pulman was awarded the prestigious CHF Corporate Award that night. Formerly his role with the organization saw him serving as Chairman of the Children’s Health Fund Corporate Council. Currently, he serves on the Leadership Team for the New York based non-profit.

Charity Work at CHF a Natural Extension of GKS

For David Pulman, there is very little gap between what he does with GSK and his charitable work for the CHF.

“We know that poor health impacts education, it impacts the ability to get a job, it impacts the ability to live a full life in society and that is absolutely in line with what GSK does as a company,” explains Dr. Pulman. “Just seeing the professionals involved with Children’s Health Fund is both humbling and uplifting.”


Annie Duke: Trailblazer for Women in Poker

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Annie Duke. Is there a more iconic, inspirational and transformational figure for women in the game of poker? A mother of four who won big at the World Series of Poker and cut an imposing figure in the male-dominated world of professional poker, Annie is one of the top ten most successful female poker players in the world. It’s obvious that Annie Duke is anything but average. After all, very few mothers of four support their families through their poker winnings. But even within the world of professional poker, Annie Duke is something different. And not just because she’s a woman!
The highly educated New Hampshire native holds two Bachelor’s degrees from Columbia University – one in English and one in psychology. Prior to embarking on a career as a professional poker player, she was a Doctoral candidate in cognitive psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and the recipient of the NSF Fellowship.

A true trailblazer for women in poker

Educated, articulate, attractive, and successful, it’s little wonder that Annie is a role model for women, both inside and outside of the game. But it’s within the poker world that Annie has been a true trailblazer for women. She was not just one of the first women with the courage to assert herself into the male-dominated world of poker, but also to find success in the process.

And while women in poker are not uncommon these days, it took a lot of guts for Annie Duke to break into that male hierarchy more than two decades ago. Although Annie herself is quick to point out, that despite the strides women have made in the game, there is still some distance to go.

“When I started playing the WSOP Main Event back in 1994 about 3% of the field was comprised of women,” said Annie, speaking in 2011. “This year? About 3% of the field was comprised of women. So while the absolute numbers of women playing the game have certainly grown during the poker boom, the percentage of women playing has not. When you consider the fact that over 30% of all poker TV viewers are women – I know we can do better.”

Poker transformed by television

Obviously there were women in poker prior to Annie coming onto the scene. In fact when she was first starting out in the WSOP she regarded players like Barbara Enright and Linda Johnson as her mentors. But Annie Duke’s success coincided with the boom in poker being televised. Suddenly Annie’s face and telegenic presence were being beamed into homes across the country. Women and girls everywhere could watch as this clever, slightly saucy, redhead competed with men in open events and won prize money and bracelets while doing so. Annie’s high profile success helped transform poker’s image from that of a game played by old, cigarchomping men, into a game that anyone could play.

Annie Duke’s legacy

Nowadays people accept women poker players without batting an eye. Players like Jennifer Harman, Kathy Leibert, Kristy Gazes, and Cyndy Violette compete and win on television, for the entire world to see. And while you can’t exactly say that without Annie Duke, none of this would be possible, it’s a given that Annie’s success certainly accelerated the timeframe for this to be possible.

“I truly believe that we have a responsibility as women who have successfully found their place in this game to mentor young women,” said Annie. “To provide them with the same confidence and belief that your intellect is your greatest weapon that my mother gave to me.”

With her intellect, wit, beauty, guile, charisma, and card smarts, Annie presented the path to professional poker success to women everywhere. Beyond that, her roles as a mentor and teacher herself, at the WPT Boot camp and the WSOP Academy, have enabled her to pass on her knowledge to a new generation of female poker players.

Successful players like Marsha Wolak, who won the Ladies Event at the 2011 WSOP, studied directly under Annie. So while she might not compete as actively on the poker circuit as she once did, her influence is still felt strongly today. Even players who’ve not directly studied with Annie are indebted to her influence. Players like Annette Obrestad, Vanessa Rousso, Sandra Naujoks, JJ Liu, and Vanessa Selbst are all successful, thanks in some part to Annie.

Now devoting much of her time to consulting, teaching and speaking on pokerrelated matters, Annie still feels successful women in the game have an obligation to nurture the next generation of female poker players. “On a personal level, consider becoming a mentor, to take another female player under your wing, teach her, encourage her and nurture her.”

Having won millions in the WSOP, authored two books on poker, and even starred on Celebrity Apprentice, Annie Duke has firmly established herself in the history of women in poker. As for the player’s own opinion on female players? It couldn’t be any clearer:

“We have arrived and we are here to stay.” Annie Duke

Puerto Rico with the Fam

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So I write this from a jacuzzi on a balcony over looking the beach in Puerto Rico. This adventure began a few days ago in Miami where I went to a Radiohead concert with The Executive and his wife. The concert was amazing. The playlist included songs with high bpm, not a slow song in the bunch. The Executive loved the sound, his wife had to focus on the drums in order to enjoy the music, she considers their sound noise.

After 1 night in Miami it was off to Puerto Rico. I’m staying at the Gran Mella Resort located on Trump International golf course. I’m here for DW’s bday jambo and the first night is a welcome party.

DW’s daughter, Re is my sister. We grew up together in Boston and she lived at my house regularly. I see her and her husband V and their two kids Trist and Cay. The kids immediately jump on me and then want me to take them to play video games, I oblige. I stay with my sis’s fam all night and we have a great time.

The next day I hit the Trump International course early in the am with The Exec. They are setting up for the Puerto Rico open which will be played next week at this course. The course is magnificent.  It’s tough and you have to travel 1000 yards to get to some of the tee boxes but well worth it. Surprisingly only the 17th and 18th have water views. I shoot a score in the 90’s and no complaints with that.

That night were the Bday party festivities. The night started with an elaborate dinner which I helped my sis set up. By help I mean I stood there while she went ocd on the planners. She even had them take a chair away only to learn she forgot to count herself and took away her own place setting. The dinner was excellent but after dinner was when the fun really started. Two dancers showed up dressed in hardly anything and they were not only unbelievably beautiful but they could shake their money makers. I employed 8 year old Tryst to dance with the hot exotics and his response “I need to find my hat.” Once he found his hat he was out there dancin’ up a storm.

The music was fast and Latin influenced and was amazing. When the dancers stopped the DJ changed the style of music up. Everybody was trying to get Cay to dance and he wasn’t feeling it at all. He was being as shy as they get but once a little techno came on his whole demeanor changed. He became a dancing machine and stole the show. Nobody else was dancing because we were all so entertained watching him do his thang.

Once the party started winding down the after party began. One Dominican beauty that didn’t dance the entire party started getting down on the floor and I was very intrigued. She was getting low like a goddess and I was hooked.

I did the Joel thing and jumped in the pool. I didn’t get naked like I did at Re and Vic’s wedding years ago but ended up in the pool per the norm for me. Trist saw me in the pool and immediately followed suit. The servers working the party really wanted me to throw the hot Dominicana in the pool but her and I had a deal that if I didn’t throw her in we would go swimming privately later. Nobody knew the deal and I was getting killed for not throwing her in. Vic stepped up to the plate, grabbed her and jumped in so they both ended up in the pool.

That night ended with me sleeping in Re’s room cause her and her fam stayed in the villa where the party was. The Dominicana stayed in the room with I. I was a perfect gentlemen although I didn’t want to be and was not happy about it.

The plan for the next day was executed perfectly. The plan was S§to wake up late and have a beach day, check. Dominicana and I spent all day at the beach occasionally joined by Trist. I took him out in the ocean and tried to go far out because it was so shallow so far out. 50 yards out it was only 2 feet deep. The bottom of the ocean floor wasn’t sandy at all there was kelp everywhere and Trist didn’t like the squishy feeling under his feet.

Once Trist got sick of the beach I got Dominicana to join me in the water. As soon as we got in it started raining which was amazing. In Puerto Rico it rains daily but it hadn’t rained during the day since I had gotten there. The sun was still out, it was raining and we stayed in the warm ocean water, awesome.

After the beach I met up with Re and the fam and we all went out to dinner. Before dinner I was with Vic in the VIP lounge and he pointed out a man and told me that he was the mayor. Of course I went over and started engaging with him only to find out a day later he wasn’t the mayor but just the gm of the resort, oh well. Dinner was at a horse ranch and the food was exceptional. Trist and Cay went to sleep at the restaurant on a couple of chairs. They can sleep anywhere, they remind me of… me.

Once back from dinner I wanted to go back to the water. The Domincana and her friend were with me and we were having cocktails and just a generally fun time when I decided I needed a place to take this party. At whatever hour in the morning it was I went to the front desk and rented a room. What a fun way to end a very relaxing day.

The next day I had a golf date with The exec. The Dominicana was leaving that day so I said my good by and went golfing. Golf started slow the threesome in front of us were playing from the back tees and 1 of 3 of them hit the first drive more then 150 yards. After dribbling their shots down the hole the drink lady rolled by in her cart and they stopped to get drinks and what not. It’s the 1st hole, what are they thinking. Without any hesitation The Exec says let’s go to the next hole. So we hop in our cart and move on to the next hole. We play the 2nd and get to  4some ahead of them. The 3rd is a par 3 and they let us play through them while they are on the green. After we get past them we are flying. We finish the rest of the course in 3 hours and after had a burger in the clubhouse.

When I get back to the resort I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Dominicana changed her flight, was still around, kept her room and that is how I ended up where I am writing this from a jacuzzi on a balcony over looking the beach in Puerto Rico.

Back at it

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I’m baaaaack!!!! To all 3 of my readers that used to read my blog before I went off the map and had to delete a lot of the posts good to have you back in the fold. Let’s see what goodness I have in store this time around.

First a little glimpse into the daily grind, Screenpush. We currently have a lot of good clients of all sizes but we are in the service based side of marketing and advertising. When I first came on board with SP the goal was to create licensable self service software, so we have deviated from that plan a bit in order to pay the bills. That being said the Livepush Platform is gaining some real headway towards finding an initial launch partner. We have found our hardware solution with a company which will provide us with weatherproof touchscreen consoles. The consoles are great for outdoor venues and given our potential first clients that was a crucial element we needed to vet out. Now we can check that off the need to find list, check.

Another SP licensable SAAS Notif.ly, which I’m very excited to be given the opportunity to go out and sell, is in the works. We have finally found the right partner to work with in order to build the best UI/UX possible. Once Notif.ly is complete I’m going on a road show. Don’t worry I’ll keep yall updated with what’s good with Stella and I on the road; I’ll post about all the grub spots I hit and everything.

Now that you’re caught up with my grind I’ll talk about the fun things in my life. My friend NK that is so fucking awesome by allowing me to enjoy the use of his Lakers season tickets for the past 5 years got upgraded to the 200’s this year. The seats are in the last row of the section which I love because when I get stressed out, which is often this year cause the Lakers aint of their usual pedigree, I can stand up with out anybody yelling for me to sit down from behind. There are 2 oldskool black guys that have had the seats next to ours for 15 years and they are so fun to talk to. The guy that has the seats a row bellow ours is a Giants fan and as a Pats fan, him and I constantly go back and forth. NK is a Giants guy so I’m sure he loves him.

As for me playing sports I have been getting out and playing more golf with my lawyer. The Roosevelt which is such a convenient 9 hole course has been good to me. On Monday I had 4 pars and 2 birds. If I could cut out the occasional double bogey holes I’d be a decent golfer. I can’t wait to go to Puerto Rico next week and hit a really nice course with PaDukes. He told me he shot a 82 the other day. Last time him and I played in Florida I shot a 88, my first score ever in the 80’s. Granted it was a really easy course I’ll take it!

I haven’t been playing nearly as much tennis or basketball and I would like. I need to get some new tennis shoes and a new racket since I broke one and I always need 2 nicely strung rackets before playing a match. Next time I get out there I plan on putting The Mighty in his place. He’s been real high on his tennis horse, with good reason, for a solid 3 years now.

As for basketball, now that Pointsettia has redone their courts it’s absurd that I haven’t been playing more often. The last time my lawyer and I went out we decided we we’re gonna play more often and that hasn’t happened at all. My Litvak buddy is always imploring me to get out on the court with him our schedules just never match.

I’m also training for Mud Run 2012. Stella and I jog from our pad to Runyon then hike the canyon at a very brisk pace till I get 2/3’s of the way up. I run the last 1/3 then jog home while waiting to exhale. The whole rout is 3.2 miles and I get’er done in about 45 min. I hope my teammates for the Mud Run are stepping up their workout game. We won’t be able to compete with any of the marines but I want our team to have a solid finish.

I’ll finish this up with a story from dinner at last night. Last night The General and I went out for some Thai food at a place near my crib. In the restaurant there was one couple eating dinner and an older lady eating next to the window. We sit down and I start leading The General down a path of telling me a story about his trip to Kansas to visit his son in Military school by asking questions. Now I know I have a loud voice, my dad who cant hear shit has no problem hearing me but we are sitting in a restaurant and I haven’t had anything to drink so I know I’m not speaking obscenely loud. The lady walks over to us 10 minutes into our story time and she asks me to be quite. I don’t engage in any back and forth I just say “sure no problem”. I continue asking The General questions about his trip and the old lady then calls over the server and starts complaining about me and causing an absolute scene. While she’s mid complaint I ask the couple sitting next to us if I’m too loud and they respond by say no and the old lady is crazy. So after 10 minutes of complaining she decides to leave, the server then comes over to offer her apologies. I say “no problem” then go on to ask her her name. “Poon” she replies.  “Come again” I say. “Spoon minus the S.” The General and I start laughing hysterically and she gets upset. “Why are you laughing at me?” The General and I then begin to explain that we have a friend that created a t-shirt line called Poon and it was funny for us to find somebody with that name. Needless to say I’m gonna go back and give her one of the shirts. I cant wait to get a picture of this cute young Thai girl in a Poon shirt which has a beaver caricature on it.

Top 10 Hot Mobile Trends for 2011

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“The world is going mobile. In 2010, we saw some major jumps in terms of mobile development, including the explosion of the Android operating system, the introduction of the iPad and an increased rate of internet access via smartphones. In 2011, we can expect to see even more of a shift towards the mobile realm, as more consumers access the internet while on the go. By 2011, more than 85 percent of the handsets shipped globally are expected to include a browser, which means a major percentage of phone users will be accessing the web through mobile means.”

Mobile advertising spend to rise 80 percent in 2010: Study

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“Even those who haven’t done mobile marketing at all look to be putting 10 percent of their total spend into the category. This seems like a large leap to take – sort of like going from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds.

The Gala for a Cure a fundraiser benefiting the National Kidney Foundation serving New England

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Some friends dear to me are organizing a charity event at the Four Seasons Boston on Friday, April 9, 2010 for a “Gala for a Cure” a fundraiser benefiting the National Kidney Foundation serving New England.  For more information visit  http://thegalaforacure.ning.com/  If you or your company would like to be a sponsor please contact the event co-chairs.  Remember “the life of a man consists not in seeing visions and in dreaming dreams, but in active charity and in willing service”